The Secret to Confidence

Life Skills PrepareMyKid Teen Confidence

When I work with young people, they always tell me they want more confidence… they want to know “How to be confident.”

I can relate.

I always heard people talking about being confident, but I never knew what that meant or how to be confident.  I saw my friends, and they looked confident, but then when I talked with them, they were insecure about things like girls and grades.

That’s when it hit me… I knew what was missing.

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How to Handle Peer Pressure – Life Skills

Life Skills PrepareMyKid Teens Peer Pressure


Eventually we all get peer pressured to do drugs or drink alcohol –  even if it’s not direct.

It’s harder to say no than you think – especially because no one wants to be “that person” that says no or is a “goodie-goodie”.

Drugs and alcohol have always been an issue in high school and they always will. They’re in issue in every-day life too.  The key is to know what you want for your life so you can learn to say no in a way that you feel comfortable.

The “experts” tell people to “Just say no,” but that really doesn’t work.  So how can you say no without feeling self-conscious and embarrassed?

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