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Eventually we all get peer pressured to do drugs or drink alcohol –  even if it’s not direct.

It’s harder to say no than you think – especially because no one wants to be “that person” that says no or is a “goodie-goodie”.

Drugs and alcohol have always been an issue in high school and they always will. They’re in issue in every-day life too.  The key is to know what you want for your life so you can learn to say no in a way that you feel comfortable.

The “experts” tell people to “Just say no,” but that really doesn’t work.  So how can you say no without feeling self-conscious and embarrassed?

How to Say No Without Saying “NO”

Over the years, I found a couple ways of indirectly saying “no” that worked for me.

One way was to say, “Dude, I can’t.  My brother got caught with drugs so now my parents told me they’re going to do random drug tests.  I don’t know if they’re serious, but I can’t risk it.”

Another way was, “Oh man, I wish I could, but my dad’s friend is going to be over and he’s a cop.  Once when I was 10, I had a sip of my dad’s beer and they guy could smell it when he came over.”

One time I even said, “Actually, I heard that coach was going to do a drug test for sports this year, so I can’t risk it.”

Notice I used the word, “heard,” so that the coach wasn’t really responsible.

The key for me was to find a reason that every one of my friends would understand, like my parents checking on me, or a cop that was a friend, or random drug tests.

Once I have around five ready-made answers, I felt so much calmer and I could say no without anyone thinking I was lame or judging them.


What You Can Do:

Come up with four or five different ways you can say no that you are comfortable with.  Blame it on your parents, a coach, or even a sibling.  In this case, your parents will be happy to take the blame.


Comment below and share some of your ideas or your favorite ways to say no.

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