How Kids Can Easily Get Better Grades (Without Studying More) …



A lot of kids struggle with grades, but they’re missing an easy key ingredient that would instantly help them become more successful and raise their grades… without studying more.


My Secret Weapon

One thing that allowed me to navigate through high school and get a great GPA was that I constantly sought out teachers to ask questions and make sure I was prepared.

I asked questions about mistakes I made on homework and tests; I asked about questions I had with my notes; and I asked about what I could do to make sure I did well in their classes.

Many kids are either afraid of talking to teachers, or feel stupid to talk to teachers.  Some kids even view teachers as “the enemy” so they have a block when it comes to talking with them.

However, talking to teachers gives kids an opportunity to learn better and also to show up on the teachers’ radars so that they can help more (and maybe cut them some slack).


When to Talk to Teachers

So when should kids talk to teachers?  Here are my guidelines:

  1. When you have a problem with the class
  2. If you have unanswered questions after class
  3. If you missed questions on a test/quiz/homework you don’t understand
  4. If you have a missing assignment you want to make up
  5. If you bomb an assignment/test and want to see how you can rebound

There are certainly other reasons to meet with teachers.  Some kids bond with teachers and their teacher becomes a mentor; some kids have a personal problem in the classroom that they want help with from their teacher; some kids become friends with teachers.

Regardless, it’s important to teach your kids to be proactive and to feel comfortable meeting with teachers.  This skill will carry over to college and the workplace.


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